ZingyLand - The new children's books app with interactive stories, educational games and rewards

A tablet application for families around the world with interactive stories, games and badges for children 0-8 years old.

Zingyland offers to the world's families a qualitative, educational and creative platform with interactive stories, games, puzzles and engaging activities!

ZingyLand was created within a Greek startup, with a single purpose: to offer the world's families a qualitative, educational and creative platform with interactive stories, games, puzzles and engaging activities.

In collaboration with child psychologists: All the content depicted has been meticulously selected in collaboration with child psychologists, in order to ensure its suitability and reinforce its educational character. Each story is uniquely created by Zingyland team and its prime goal is to inspire, entertain and teach our young friends between 0-8 years old.  It’s all about stories and every story told is accompanied by its own educational games and award badges.

Multillingual Support: Zingyland is an application that has been designed to transcend Greek borders and as such it has multilingual support for 4 languages [English, French, Greek and Spanish] and can appeal to a variety of audiences.

Awarded App: Zingyland was awarded the BEST FAMILY APPLICATION distinction for the Greek market in the 4th Convention of Mobiles & Apps Awards 2014.

Interactive experience based on the triptych of Read-Play-Win: Each book reveals a comprehensive interactive tale and is connected with 3 types of educational games and 4 reward badges. You can find the application and download it for free from your iPad on https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/zingyland/id760867920 ,while in a few weeks it will be also available on the Android store. You can find all the information needed on the site www.zingyland.com.

Three ways of reading:

1) Read to me: with narration and full interactivity presenting the story with moves activated by the child.

2) Read it by myself: no narration but with full interactivity in the story, with movements activated by the child as well.

3) Autoplay: narration without interactivity, in movie format.

Educational games: Each ZingyLand story comes with 3 free bundled games: puzzles, memory cards and painting, that aim to strengthen observation, creativity and imagination of our little friends. 

Rewarding mechanism with badges: Each tale includes 4 reward badges. The first time the child will complete the reading of the story or the corresponding educational games, it will win the corresponding badge for Puzzle, Memory cards, Reading or Painting. When all the activities of a book are completed, the child wins the grand badge of the tale. All badges are stored in the Library.

Simple and user friendly app!

How do I select the tales?  You can select the tales either by age or choose from any of the available categories [Classic, Sweet dreams, Adventures, Our city, Our planet etc.]

Safe kids environment: the application is created in such a way, as to ensure 100% control by parents.

About ZingyLand

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